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Whats the national sport of the minecraft world


God:I made an entire world!
Notch:I made an Endless world!
God:Well I can make circles!
Notch: -.-


When chuck norris wants to destroy the world, he doesn't craft tnt, he round up a bunch of creepers.

Notch may be able to walk on water, but Chuck norris is inborn with noclip

Chuck norris doesn't find diamonds, They reveal their selves when he creates a world

Chuck norris can break stone with his breath, He can break bedrock with his finger

Chuck norris doesn't build a portal to the nether, it builds itself

Chuck norris makes herobrine look like a piece of poop

Chuck norris is the real final boss, the end dragon is just the tutorial.

Chuck norris has mobs spawn ins his world ten times more. Even if he set it on peaceful

Chuck norris doesn't use torches to light up tunnels, He makes lava pour down above his head.

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